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One of the musicians in fatal Krabi stabbing released on bail

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One of the musicians in fatal Krabi stabbing released on bail | Samui Times
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Ratikorn Romin, one of the three men arrested for the fatal stabbing of American Bobby Ray Carter at the Longhorn Inn in Krabbi after he refused to stop singing, has been released on bail.

All three men were charged with causing death by physical attack that is punishable with up to fifteen years in jail.

Romin was granted bail on Thursday while the other band members remain in jail.

A witness report states that Carter got annoyed when the band played ‘Hotel California’ instead of a song that he had requested and he refused to step down from the stage. His family have refused to make any comment to the media however his cousin, Kiki Bower did give a statement that read “We appreciate the swift action by the Thai police to capture the 3 men who took Bobby’s life and are calling on the Thai justice system to hold these criminals accountable to the fullest extent of the law for this senseless loss of life.” Melissa Cater, Bobby’s ex-wife and the mother of Adam, who was hurt it the scuffle, said that the facts of this case have been distorted. She believes that they are trying to make it look like Bobby was a crazy tourist but she maintains that generally he barely drank and anything resembling a drunken brawl would be out of the question. She spoke to her son by phone and has alleged that the band and a group of other locals attacked the Carters after they left the bar because they felt some hostility towards them. Adam was treated in hospital and received three hundred and fifty stitches for a wounded nose, shoulder and bicep. On Friday Adam was still in Thailand with his step mother and other friends meeting with authorities.

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