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Online huslers claiming to be able to extend visas

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Online huslers claiming to be able to extend visas | Samui Times
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Turn your brain on when trying to extend your visa as online fraudsters are preying on tourists and expats, claiming they are able to extend visas. The Immigration Bureau issued urgent advice to tourists and visitors about extending their visas amongst the Covid-19 crisis.

Some immigration offices have requested that expats file their 90 day residential reports online to help with social distancing and avoid crowds at immigration centres.

Now officers have found out that some online con artists have been going on Facebook and other social media platforms, convincing users that they do not need to go to an immigration office to extend their visa and insisting that they can register the application for you online, for a fee of 1200 baht (of course).

Immigration officials have confirmed this is not true.

“Those stranded in Thailand who need a visa extension must go to an immigration office in person with the required documentation.”

(There has been concessions made today by the government giving amnesties to visitors on TOURIST visas only.)

Immigration Chief Sompong Chingduang, and his spokesman Surapong Chaiyajan say that Immigration officers are going after these criminals for preying on tourists and visitors.

They ask if you have any information about fraudsters to notify them by calling 191, 1599 or 1178.

SOURCES: thaivisa | Naew Na

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