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An opportunity to learn how to ride a motorbike has arisen in Koh Samui

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An opportunity to learn how to ride a motorbike has arisen in Koh Samui | Samui Times

It is no secret that the road statistics in Koh Samui are not great by global standards and whether you advocate the ‘free for all attitude’ towards the roads or you wish something could be done, it is a known fact that many visitors to Koh Samui and indeed some residents first ride a motorbike once they arrive on our sunny shores. Riding a bike for the first time can be a daunting prospect anywhere in the world, but in Samui it can be an experience fraught with danger.

bike instructorThe good news is for residents and visitors, who are yet to start their motorbike journey, is that bike lessons are available here in Koh Samui that are designed to make you aware of the roads, and will not only teach you how to drive safely but how to get out of the tricky situations that are commonplace here on the island.

The man behind these lessons is Russian Kir Kong. This man, with his passion for bikes often covers 100km every day in pursuit of his own bike riding pleasure. He has been in Thailand for two years and spent time in Phuket and on Koh Tao and has now settled in Samui. After seeing many accidents in Thailand this bike enthusiast decided to offer lessons to people who still want to enjoy motorbike travel, but would like to do it safely. He has trained men, women, friends and even taught mothers how to ride safely with their children. Kir believes that it is far better to take a couple of lessons if you are new to motorbikes before riding off to enjoy all that Samui has to offer. Generally two or three lessons will have you on your way with confidence. The first lesson takes part in a safe area where you can learn all about using the accelerator, breaks and break turns. The second lesson will take you to quiet roads where you can practice what you bike instructor 2have learnt and on the third lesson Kir will be your passenger as you tackle the more trafficked areas of the ring road. Lessons generally last around 2 hours. Kir wants to see his students being safe on the roads and therefore enjoying them as he does. Those who catch on quickly may only need two lessons, others perhaps those who have never driven or ridden before may need a few more, this is a very flexible method of learning and can be a lot of fun.

So if you would like to explore Koh Samui on a bike then why not contact Kir first and make sure you are ready for the fun that awaits, if you live in Koh Samui and are considering using a bike rather than a car to get around the ever increasing traffic jams then maybe think about a couple of lessons firsts and if you are a parent of friend of children who are reaching that bike riding age, why not treat them to a gift that may just save their life.

Lessons available in English and Russian.

For more information click here to visit the Bike Instructors Facebook page

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