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Optician decapitated as “brake failure” Bangkok bus mounts the footpath

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Optician decapitated as “brake failure” Bangkok bus mounts the footpath | Samui Times
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A 33 year old woman died after a bus on Route 115 in Bangkok suffered brake failure coming down from a bridge in Bangkapi. 

Thai Rath described a grisly scene as the victim’s decapitated head lay in the road with blood and brain matter all over the fruit at a roadside market. 

Benjawan Muangkate had been crushed between the left side of the bus and a power pole. She was out shopping at the market around 7.30 pm on Wednesday evening.

Pol Capt Thanathorn Yotkaew of the Lat Prao police responded to the call and went to the end of Soi 125 in the Bangkapi area of Bangkok. 

Optician decapitated as

There he found a bus on route 115 Siam Park to Sathorn stopped on the left. It had damage to the front left fender and a smashed front light. There was brain matter and blood stains on the bus. 

Some distance away was the victim who was wearing a grey t-shirt and brown shorts. 

Her face had been ripped off in the impact and her skull had separated from the neck. 

There was further brain and bloodstains on the sidewalk and splattered over fruit for sale in a shop at the market. 

Her left leg was broken. The only ID on the victim was a card indicating that she lived at Lumpini Condominium Happyland. 

The driver of the bus was 64 year old Somjit Momphan who said he had left the Sathorn garage and had 10 passengers aboard at the time. 

All seemed normal at the lights at an intersection moments before but after he went over the bridge traversing the Klong Saen Saep (a main Bangkok canal) he suffered brake failure on the downward stretch. 

He tried to control his vehicle but could not and collided with the pedestrian on the footpath at the end of Soi 125 crushing her between his vehicle and a power pole. 

Police did not know who she was and went to the condo. 

Thai Rath reported that sources said she was 33 year old Benjawan Muangkate an employee of Top Charoen opticians. 

The driver has been charged with negligent driving causing death. 

Thai Rath called the 115 the “route from hell” saying it was yet another accident on this route. They gave no further details about previous problems on this route.

Thai Visa /Thai Rath

Optician decapitated as
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