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Our next Green Market is coming up this Sunday June 17 at Elysia from 3pm till late!

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Our next Green Market is coming up this Sunday June 17 at Elysia from 3pm till late! | Samui Times
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Our next Green Market is coming up this Sunday June 17 at Elysia from 3pm till late!

What’s new?
local products, new vendors: aloe vera, home made candles, pickles, cool yoga clothes, incense and other surprises…Six Senses Samui will be joining this time as well as most of our regular contributors!

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Green Market gives back

Yoga Gives Back (YGB) ambassadors Anouk and Sharda have been part of our market for some months now, and Green Market would like to show our appreciation.
After the small contribution we make to Elysia for the upkeep of the market, all funds donated by our vendors (10% of their sales) will go to YGB. (See more below about their mission)
There will be YGB shirts and tops for sale and classes by donation. Come and see for yourself!
nouk just came back from orphanage Deenabandhu where she volunteers as a psychologist and yoga teacher on a very regular basis.
Also we will have products from the Deenabandhu shop in India with all natural handmade stuff (clothes, bags etc).
Two years ago via her fundraiser, Anouk provided Deenabandhu Trust with a loan of 12000 euros and they’ve taken it from there – creating workplace for destitute women and internships for the orphans to learn how to make a sustainable living. Funds from these items will go directly to the orphanage.
dec 7th green market
Green Market & more
Samui Green Market is a great venue to connect with like-minded friends, find out about initiatives to make Samui cleaner and greener, and be part of that process. Do you know about Trash Hero? Have you heard about ‘precious plastics’? Come and meet people who see solutions instead of problems and have your say….

Next market August 28 at Six Senses Samui
The following market will be on August 28th and we will NOT be at Elysia for this once – but will be hosted by Six Senses Samui at their Farm on the Hill. We hope to see new vendors and old join us for this special event. Six Senses demonstrates strong environmental responsibility regarding sustainability, which you will see not only on their website, but in their innovative recycling centre, energy and resource saving practices, and delightful farm. It’s going to super fun and we expect to see other hotels join us to exhibit their green practices.
Yoga Gives Back
Yoga Gives Back is a worldwide NGO dedicated to raising awareness and funds in order to alleviate poverty in India. Our mission is to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods. We support two main projects; one is an orphanage in Karnataka and the other one is NISHTHA, a project focused on providing micro credits for poor women in West Bengal. Also is YGB offering 5 year long scholarships for Higher Education (SHE) for disadvantaged students.
For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.
For information, questions and more, contact Anouk Prop:
+66 629497995

Samui Green Market is a Samui Mala initiative
We are a small ad hoc group of local residents who support a vision for a clean and green world, starting at home, on Samui.
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