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Outrage as Indian officials give migrant workers ‘chemical bath’

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Outrage as Indian officials give migrant workers ‘chemical bath’ | Samui Times
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Indian officials are under investigation as footage has arisen of a group of migrant workers being drenched in some sort of ‘chemical solution’ as some bizarre preventative measure for Covid-19 on the continent.

Clips of the video on Twitter have caused outrage and has been viewed nearly 500,000 times after it was uploaded by a journalist at Times of India.

The video shows a large group of people squatting on the ground, while medical and fire department officials dressed in hazmat suits spray them with an unknown “chemical solution”. Apparently, the officials shout instructions over a megaphone asking the workers to close their eyes and mouths but also in another part of the video, an official can also can be heard ordering the group to… “close the eyes of your children and close your eyes too”.

It has been reported that the migrants had returned from Bareilly, the northern state of Uttar Pradesh These are some of the hundreds of thousands of workers that have returned home villages to abide by the nationwide 3 week lockdown.

It has been reported the move is supposed to stop the spread of coronavirus, but there are fears that the returnees may just be spreading the virus further into smaller villages.

With the loss of money and jobs, most of them are daily-wage workers, who are now out of work and are desperate to reach their villages. Some found government-run buses to reach home and others just continued to walk.

Bareilly’s district magistrate said the video is being investigated and added on Twitter that… “the affected persons are being treated under the supervision of the Chief Minister’s Office “.

“The team of the Bareilly Municipal Corporation and fire department officials were asked to sanitise buses but in their enthusiasm, they sprayed the workers too.”

Sadly, this is not the first video showing apparent mistreatment of migrant workers to emerge since the lockdown was announced on March 24. Several accounts then began to emerge of the harassment of migrant workers leaving the capital at the hands of the police and local administration.


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