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Outrage as young Aussie attacked in Chaweng gets put behind bars himself

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Outrage as young Aussie attacked in Chaweng gets put behind bars himself | Samui Times
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Yesterday Jack Hansen-Bartel was taken into custody at the Samui Provincial court on a misdemeanor charge that arose months after two Chinese American men were arrested for seriously assaulting him in the Green Mango nightclub on June 9th last year.

jack going to jailRaymond Chang and Ryan Wang were arrested and charged with seriously assaulting Jack, who now faces 18 months of reconstructive surgery to rebuild his mouth including bone and gum grafts along with other procedures.

Both Wang and Chang attended the Shanghai American School, after both being allowed to go home on bail Chang is now enjoying a life as a student at Cornell University in New York. However Jack has had to leave his studies at the Monash Univeristy in Melbourne and put urgent medical procedures on hold to attend a court hearing in Koh Samui, where he was arrested and banged up yesterday afternoon.

Jack, who has lived in Thailand for fifteen years and attended the New International School of Thailand, was on vacation last year when the incident occurred. Wang and Chang were caught on CCTV carrying out the vicious and unprovoked attack and were quickly arrested. Shortly after Chang’s millionaire father Raymond Nobu Chang few in to bail his son and Wang out. Several months after their arrest Raymond Chang asked the police to present assault charges against Jack, but with no evidence of any attack the charge was only one of misdemeanor. Tiffany Turner, a young Japanese New Zealand woman, who was also there on the night of the attack was put forward as a witness and claimed Jack had pester her, however when her evidence was totally discredited she refused to give evidence.

jacks mouthOn learning of Jack’s arrest his horrified brother posted this statement on Facebook

Today I learned that my brother is being held in jail on feeble, misdemeanor charges brought upon him by the defendants Raymond Tony Chang and Ryan Yunshang Wang; a ploy clearly tactical in nature, designed to detract from the severity of charges against them. He was pushed to the ground by prison guards once in the cell. He was put in the cell with a pedophile who raped little girls and killed them, and an ice dealer. It was reported to me via a proxy at the court that a settlement was offered by the defendants’ legal team, and that the figure promulgated was meager and offensive, and was subsequently rejected by our legal counsel. My brother faces years of reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, and requires a formidable amount of money to complete his treatment. The defendants are spineless, and their families lack integrity whilst they continue to deny culpability. We will be going after them, their families and Tiffany Mariko Turner – the perfidious female antagonist who remains at the centre of this situation. We will continue to pursue legal justice for Jack. It is fortunate that there is a new public prosecutor assigned to our case (the old one was allegedly corrupt).

Jack’s mother, who has continually fought for justice in this case and found herself having to raise hundreds of thousands of baht for her son’s ongoing treatments and surgeries managed to have Jack released on bail at the court late yesterday evening.

A Justice for Jack Facebook page has been set up and can be seen by clicking here

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