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Outrage Over Thai Tourists ‘Vandalising’ Great Wall of China

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Outrage Over Thai Tourists ‘Vandalising’ Great Wall of China | Samui Times
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Photos of graffiti left by Thai tourists on the Great Wall of China have sparked an internet outrage back at home.

The photos were posted on the webforum Pantip earlier this week under the sarcastic title “Please see the fine art painting on the Great Wall of China by Thai artists, unmatched by any other nation in the world.”

great wall of China 1The scribbles were apparently written on stretches of the ancient wall with white correction pens. Many of the messages were proclamations that certain Thai individuals had been there, accompanied with their names.

“Maya was here,” reads one. “Praphatsaraphon was here,” proclaims another.

Some individuals made sure the international audience was alerted of their Thai nationality. One scribbler, who called herself Jinny, wrote “I am Thai” next to her name.

The images drew wide condemnation from Thai internet users back at home, with some commentators pointing out the hypocrisy of Thai citizens who often criticise Chinese tourists for their disruptive behaviour while visiting Thaialnd.

“Imagine if you visit the Temple of Emerald Buddha and saw these scribblings on the wall of the temple, what would you feel?” wrote an internet commentator, referring to one of Bangkok’s top tourist destinations.


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