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OZO Chaweng Celebrates Earth Day with Mangroves Rehabilitation Project

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OZO Chaweng Celebrates Earth Day with Mangroves Rehabilitation Project | Samui Times
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OZO Chaweng (Resort) Samui as represented by Ms. Thadsalak Artonsri, Executive Secretary to the General Manager and Head of CSR Conductor (centre, behind the sign) together with executives and team members celebrates the annual Earth Day event with a mangroves rehabilitation project. This marks OZO Samui’s second year to hold mangroves rehabilitation at Plu Long – Phangka as part of its worldwide project in support of environmental protection.

Ozo mango projectThe mangroves forest at Plu Long – Phangka has about 92 Rai. The mangroves offer a number of benefits to the environment, especially as high tide brings in saltwater, increasing the salinity of the soil in the surrounding area as seawater evaporates when the tide recedes. The returning tide can flush out these soils, bringing them back to salinity levels comparable with that of the seawater. At low tide, organisms are also exposed to the increases in temperature and desiccation, and are then cooled and flooded by the tide. Thus, for plants to survive in such an environment, they must be able to tolerate broad ranges of salinity, temperature and moisture, as well as a number of other key environmental factors. Thus, only a few select species make up the mangrove community.

OZO Samui understands the importance of sustainable environment to the local area. The mangroves rehabilitation project at Plu Long – Phangka, therefore, begins in conjunction with the local community leader, Khun Thanongchit.

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