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Pacific Rim Review

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Pacific Rim Review | Samui Times
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After 4 long years, Guillermo del Toro steps back into the director’s chair with Pacific Rim, an alien vs. human epic action movie that delivers all of the thrills with a couple if spills.

The first thing I want to make very clear about Pacific Rim is that it is simply one of the most beautiful and I mean simply drop dead gorgeous movies that I have seen for quite some time. Man of Steel’s visuals left me giddy, Pacific Rim took it to a whole other level. Everything from the Jaegers(Human built robots) and the Kaiju(Aggressive alien thingy’s) to the destruction caused in the every city they meet each other is simply breath taking. Seeing the trailers created very high expectations and by golly does del Toro deliver on that front.

It’s a story about alien life(the aforementioned Kaijus) who live inside earth that decide to start attacking humans in an effort to exterminate them. Unfortunately for the Kaijus the humans don’t exactly take this lying down and from that the Jaeger program is born. Countries building their own individual gigantic, seriously these things are massive, robots to fight the Kaijus. Each Jaeger is controlled by two pilots who are joined at the mind by the so called drift technology which allows them to enter each others thoughts and memories to allow them to better work together when controlling these behemoths. Political decisions leads to there being very few Jaegers left and these few are all grouped together in Hong Kong.

The basic premise of the movie is nothing special but does an effective job of engaging the viewer and keeping them interested in the story as it develops. To be fair it doesn’t develop all that much and the human element is almost secondary to ridiculously well done fighting scenes between Jaegers and Kaijus.

Idris Elba(Prometheus, Thor) plays Marshall Stacker Pentecost, the leader of the Jaeger program. He has come up with a plan to end the Kaijus once and for all and to complete the plan will take the collective strength of the Jaeger program as a whole.

Charlie Hunnam stars as Raleigh Becket, a retired Jaeger pilot who left the program after a disastrous mission. He gets called back up to pilot the last remaining American Jaeger called Gipsy Danger. Also joining him in Hong Kong is Mako Mori(Rinko Kikuchi) as the Marshall’s assistant tasked with finding Becket’s co-pilot.

Charlie Day(Horrible Bosses, Going the distance) plays Dr. Newton Geiszler an eccentric, slightly wacky character who adds a bit of humor to every situation. Ron Pearlman(Hellboy, Blade 2) plays Hannibal Chau, a balck market Kaiju parts dealer who steals every scene he finds himself in.

To be honest, the acting in Pacific Rim is truly nothing special. That’s not to say that it’s bad, but none of the cast will be in contention for an Oscar. That being said Elba steals the show on the human side, but at the end of the day, it’s the Jaegers that do it for me. The way the look and move feels organic, and not once do they look ridiculous or over CGI’d. Same can be said for the Kaijus. And the fight scenes between these giants are simply a thing of beauty. One problem i had with the Transformers films is that some of the fighting scenes between robots seemed jumbled and it was difficult to discern what was what. But in Pacific Rim the action is simply stunning. Punches carry real weight with them and in every action you can feel the power of the beasts. The destruction is immense and beautifully detailed.

If you are looking for a deep meaningful story, then Pacific Rim is not for you, sure there is a human element and many characters have a sad past and yes the world could possibly end. But all that being said, this is a movie all about the visuals and in that respect, Pacific Rim is amazing.

Overall Pacific Rim scores 9 palm trees out of 10.

Pacific Rim is now showing in Koh Samui Major cineplex.


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