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Paralyzed dog from Thailand gets a new chance of life in Canada

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Paralyzed dog from Thailand gets a new chance of life in Canada | Samui Times
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When Ottawa based model Megan Penman planned to visit Thailand she had no idea that it was a decision that would not only change her life forever but give a second chance to a paralyzed dog she has named Leo.

LeoSeveral months ago Megan was enjoying her vacation when she came across a dog on the beach dragging his hind legs behind him. She contacted a number of Thai dog shelters but found none who were in a position to take care of a dog that could not walk.

After naming the puppy Leo she got him to a vet where she discovered his back was broken and that he had no feeling in his legs, she was told that he would never walk again.

She then took the decision to give the pooch a second chance at life and started to raise money via and in order to relocate the dog to Canada. The money raised was to cover is transportation, medical expenses and the cost of a custom made wheelchair. She also started a Facebook page to document her and Leo’s unique journey.

She said “I did not really know what I was getting myself into at first, but the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a huge process that took months to finally pull off. There were times when the whole processes was really frustrating and I was told time and again I would be best advised to put Leo down, but you can’t put value on life, I could not ignore this level of neglect, no animal deserves a life like that”.

Leo 1The donations for Leo poured in and after three months in the care of the Veterinarians Leo finally flew to Canada. Penman found a foster home for him in Sarnia, Ontario Jane Smith, the dogs new foster mother was able to get Leo a wheelchair so he could regain some mobility.

“She is a really awesome person and I am very happy that he ended up with her. I am by no means a professional dog rescuer but I could not have left him there so I did what I could to get him home,” Penman wrote about Leo’s new home.

“I’d say Leo is pretty much set for the rest of his days. We have received well over 5000 in donations with the combination of both funding sites which will be put into a bank account so Jamie can access it whenever Leo needs something. He’s got his own little trust fund. You made this happen! Pat yourselves on the back people, Leo wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of your generosity. Thank you,” Penman wrote to Leo’s supporters on Facebook. 

Penman hopes to visit Leo at his new home soon.



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