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Rapes in Thailand

Parliament Member Pushing For Prostitution And Sex Toys To Be Legalized




Parliament Member Pushing For Prostitution And Sex Toys To Be Legalized | Samui Times
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A member of parliament is looking to legalise prostitution and sex toys to help address a surge in rape and other sexual assault cases in Thailand.

Thai Civilized Party MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon said he will ask the House committee tasked with combating rape to back the proposal.

Mr Mongkolkit said the government should also help people who cannot afford such services if prostitution is legalised.

“Most rape cases involve old male widowers and low-income earners,” he said. “These people do not have the means and the financial resources to satisfy their sexual [urges]. So, they vent their frustration on family members.”

“If they could afford prostitutes, or have the means to manage their urges, the number of rape cases would decrease,” Mr Mongkolkit said.

The media has recently reported several high-profile rape cases, including one involving seven people identified as neighbours and relatives of a 12-year-old victim.

The recent spike in sexual crimes has led to calls for the government to use chemical castration as a deterrent to potential rapists.

Khangkai Areeyasakul, a social media blogger who gives advice to rape victims, has submitted a petition to Mr Mongkolkit’s House committee, calling for the punishment to be introduced.

She said that imprisonment is not a sufficient punishment to combat rape and that castration would nip the cause of rape in the bud.

Proposals to curb sexual crimes will reportedly be looked at in July.


SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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