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Parties on Koh Phangan outlawed

Samui Times Editor



Parties on Koh Phangan outlawed | Samui Times
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On Sunday it was reported in the Bangkok Post that some of the parties that have give both fame and fortune to the island of Koh Phangan are to be outlawed, including the Dark Moon Parties, Jungle Parties, Half Moon parties and other similar gatherings.

Thai authorities have said these events that are notorious for be being loud and attract narcotics as well as tourists are disturbing the way of life on Koh Phangan, whoever the Full Moon Party will still be permitted.

Many venue owners have shown dismay over the ban but not surprise. The Tourism and Sports Ministry have been working hard on rebranding the islands image since last year. When it comes to the opinions of the tourists, views are mixed, one traveler told the Samui Times, the parties are the only reason I go to Koh Phangan, and I come three times a year, not only for the Full Moon Party, I actually think the jungle parties are better. Another said “The parties on Koh Phangan are one of the reasons that I am very careful about the dates I choose to visit, the Full Moon Part is the worst thing ever, the beach looks like a bomb has hit it the following day, there are bodies lying around drunk everywhere and what the litter etc is doing to the environment is too horrible for words”.

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