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Party fund-raiser for injured Samui biker

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Party fund-raiser for injured Samui biker | Samui Times
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Koh Samui’s bikers are well known for coming together to publicise and assist worthy causes, or help raise money for charitable organisations – the recent Red Cross run being a great example of this.

However, their help goes a lot further than just the big, ‘high profile’ events, with Samui’s kind-hearted bikers being just as committed to helping ‘one of their own’ if the need arises.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This was shown last night (26/04/14) as close to 600 Samui Bikers got together in Nathon for a fund-raising party to help a fellow Samui Biker in trouble.

Even the organisers were pleasantly surprised at the number of people that turned-out to help Khun Dam – a well-known and well-liked biker from Bang Po – who was involved in an horrific accident a few months ago whilst on his way back from a Bike meeting on the mainland. Although Dam was lucky enough to survive the smash with the vehicle pulling across his path (his helmet possibly saving his life), his injuries were numerous and very serious.

The damage to his left leg in particular was very bad, and resulted in it having to be amputated just above the knee.

Dam has recovered well from most of the injuries he received in the crash, and was recently discharged from hospital to return home, however, it is obviously SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESgoing to take some time for him to come to terms with how his accident has changed his life, and there are many months of hard physio and rehabilitation exercises to be got through.

Fortunately Dam is lucky enough to not only have a terrific family to help him through those hard times to come, but also to have some really good biker brothers and sisters to keep him on the road to recovery.

The event last night was attended by all types of bikes and owners – both Thai and Ferang … and bikes ranged from ancient British classics, to Honda 70 ‘Step-through’s’, and expensively customised Harley Davidsons.

The organisers quickly sold out of supporter’s T-shirts (‘Friend helps Friend’), but this didn’t stop many supporters also giving cash donations to help Dam in the coming months.

Everyone was particularly delighted when Dam actually made an appearance later in the evening to personally thank everyone for their help.

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