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Pattaya Beaches Reopen With Concerns Of Water Quality

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Pattaya Beaches Reopen With Concerns Of Water Quality | Samui Times
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After black, smelly water was found running into the ocean next to Pattaya’s Walking Street, many are still wondering about the Gulf of Thailand’s water quality when swimming after beaches reopened this week.

Just last Monday, black water was seen again flowing into the ocean from a pumping station. The ‘We Love Pattaya’ Facebook page showed the video of the filthy water sparking Pattaya’s Mayor to offer an explanation.

He reportedly said that the dark-colored water wasn’t sewage, but muddy storm runoff, intentionally released into the sea rather than remaining on the streets to flood homes and businesses.

“All wastewater is sent via different pipes to sewage treatment plants.”

“Usually storm runoff is channelled through filters to remove trash and debris, but in times of heavy rainfall, the system can’t keep up and water backs up and floods homes. In that case, city engineers have the option to open filter gates and allow rainwater to run directly into the sea.”

He insisted the colour was due to sand and sediment- not sewage.

Pattaya Beaches Reopen With Concerns Of Water Quality | News by Samui Times

His response didn’t, however, seem to add up since the Pattaya City administration issued a warning in late May for tourists not to swim in the foul-smelling water. Na Chom Thian beach especially featured the black water and it was reportedly due to sewage being dumped into the ocean.
The city reportedly issued the warning to be in place until they found the source of the tainted water and fixed it.


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