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Pattaya locals watch in horror as Englishman attempts gruesome suicide

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Pattaya locals watch in horror as Englishman attempts gruesome suicide | Samui Times
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Shocked bystanders in Sattahip watched on a street in broad daylight as a 54 year old Englishman slashed his own neck with a six inch box cutter blade.

slasher manThe man sat slumped and dying in a pool of his own blood brandished the cutter scaring villagers with cries of “I want to die!”

Police and medical personnel rushed to the scene at the entrance to the Bang Sarae housing estate in Sattahip, Chonburi, and managed to wrestle the weapon from the man who was named as Tony Roberts. He was rushed to hospital as it emerged he had made two previous attempts to end his life.

Investigators led by Kanchanaphat Phataweesrisuda of the Sattahip police were called to the scene when locals could not help the man for fear of being attacked themselves or making the situation worse as the desperate Englishman, understood to be involved in the business of renting motorcycles in the nearby market area, waved the cutter.

He was covered in blood propped up against a lamppost by the side of the road in full view of passersby. His own 125cc bike with keys still in the ignition was parked next to him.

Officials decided that he might die without their intervention and so they rushed him and managed to grab the cutter before sending him to the Sirikit hospital for urgent attention. His life was saved.

Investigators discovered that this was the third time that Mr Roberts had attempted to take his life having slashed his neck and wrists on two separate occasions before and survived both times. They said that he was under stress from a legal case that he is facing.
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