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Pattaya police announce ‘specialised’ patrol after several gold theft incidents

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Pattaya police announce ‘specialised’ patrol after several gold theft incidents
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In the wake of a string of gold theft incidents in Pattaya in the past month, a Pattaya police chief has announced that a ‘specialised’ police patrol force will be formed to monitor any inappropriate incidents in tourist areas, or crimes against tourists. This news comes after four separate occasions in Pattaya where Indian tourists reported thieves snatching their expensive gold necklaces.

Some, though not all of the suspects behind these thefts, have been transgender women. Last month, An Indian tourist in Pattaya claims that a Thai woman, and a ‘transgender individual’, who both wore ‘sexy dresses’, stole his gold necklace worth about 33,000 baht. The tourist, 45 year old Sathishkumar Govindarju, told The Pattaya News the pair also tried to convince him to sleep with them.

These situations are hardly unheard of in Pattaya, and other tourist hotspots in Thailand. In the latest Pattaya gold theft incident, a tourist claimed that earlier this week he went to a hotel with a woman who stole his gold necklace that he left on the counter when he went to use the restroom. The man, also an Indian tourist, said his necklace was worth 45,000 baht.

In his recent announcement about forming a specialised patrol force, the Pattaya police chief, Kunlachart Kunlacha, stressed that police are working hard to make Pattaya a safe and livable city. Kunlachart has also spoken with security guards who work for venues converted to ‘restaurants’ on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street to stress the importance of tourists’ safety.

He said police are preparing for when Thailand’s CCSA announces the full reopening of nightlife. This would mean venues no longer have to call themselves ‘restaurants’, and no longer having a curfew on when alcohol can be served. Kunlachart said law enforcement is staffed and prepared for when this happens.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News | The Pattaya News


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