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Pattaya police hunting for foreign kidnap gang

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Pattaya police hunting for foreign kidnap gang | Samui Times
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Pattaya police are still hunting for five foreigners late today after they were seen by a security guard of a housing estate early in the morning assaulting another foreigner and dragging him into a pickup truck and drove off.

kidnap pattayaPolice still could not identify the kidnapped victim and also his fate after the incident was alerted by the guard at 5 am today.

According to Pattaya police, the incident occurred at Jomtien Park Villas housing estate located on Soi 17 in Bang Lamung district.

Two guards said they heard cries for help while they were on duty guarding the estate.

As one guard went to check it out, he saw five foreigners wearing dark masks were beating another male foreigner in the housing estate.

He then ran back to his colleague to alert the police.

As they returned to the place, they saw the victim lied faintly on the ground and being dragged into a pickup truck.

Upon seeing the guards, one of the five men pointed a gun at them and warned them to keep off. They then drove off with the victim pulled inside.

Police said it was not immediately unknown the identity of the kidnappers and the victim.

Police said they found traces of blood on the ground, a gun magazine, a steel baton, three 9 mm cartridges, a black cab, a Casio wristwatch, and adhesive tape at the scene.

They were looking into CCTV cameras at the housing estate and adjacent to hunt the kidnappers.

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