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Pattaya police make more promises to stop gold theft against Indian tourists

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Pattaya police make more promises to stop gold theft against Indian tourists
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Police are making more promises to end Pattaya’s problem with gold theft against Indian tourists. This news follows a string of thieves snatching Indian tourists’ gold necklaces in recent months. Suspects often flirt with the tourists and touch them, asking them to come to their hotel with them. Victims often realise they have been robbed after they manage to push the thieves away.

Pattaya police already announced last month that a ‘specialised’ police patrol force would be formed to monitor any inappropriate incidents in tourist areas, or crimes against tourists. But Pattaya’s tourist police chief, Pitchaya Khiaoplueng, told The Pattaya News yesterday that more measures are coming.

Since many of the thieves have been transgender, Pitchaya said he needed to launch a new measure to keep records of all resident transgender individuals in Pattaya areas with criminal records. He said another measure would be to arrest transgender individuals who suspiciously stroll around Pattaya Beach late at night, reportedly for loitering.

The Pattaya News noted that some LGBT activist groups have expressed concern about specifically targeting transgender people with similar measures in the past.

Pattaya tourist police have asked for help from hotel operators to warn tourists not to wear expensive jewelry or walk alone, especially at night.

Many of the gold necklaces that thieves have stolen from Indian tourists have been pricey. Last month, a thief stole a necklace valued at 85,000 baht. Time will tell if the specialised police force, and other measures planned by Pattaya police, will work.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News


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