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Pattaya shop reports old foreign man dies during massage

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Pattaya shop reports old foreign man dies during massage
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While receiving a massage at a shop in the Pattaya area, an older foreign man died midway through. The incident took place yesterday in Bang Lamung at a massage shop in the late afternoon, and emergency responders were notified of an unidentified foreigner, believed to be an expat around the age of 70, who had passed away in the middle of a massage.

It was the Nong Prue Police who received the initial report of the incident that took place at a massage shop in Soi Kaho Talo in Nong Prue. They dispatched officers along with emergency responders but when they arrived they found the man was already deceased. There were no signs of foul play or any indication that there was any type of struggle or malicious intent.

Police interviewed a 39 year old staff member at the massage shop whose name was not revealed and who detailed what happened before his death. The man has been receiving a massage in a private room and seemed to fall asleep before passing away.

“The foreign man visited the massage shop for the first time and we have not seen him before. While he was being massaged, he seemed to fall asleep and began snoring. We thought this was normal. After that, we heard the sound of hard breathing before he fell unconscious. We provided him CPR while we were waiting for emergency responders.”

Police found his body still inside the massage room and unresponsive. He was not carrying any identification and police had to work to figure out who he was. They now believe they have identified the man as a British expat oh, and they’re in the process of contacting his embassy and his wife. They did not release any further details on his identity until officials have a chance to notify his family.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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