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Peak electricity use reaches yet another new high

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Peak electricity use reaches yet another new high | Samui Times
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Electricity consumption has broke a new record high today, exceeding this year’s record for the sixth time at 29,403.7 megawatts, according to EGAT.

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand’s (EGAT) Governor Soonchai Kumnoonsate has revealed today’s peak electricity usage was be at 29,403.7 megawatts, recorded at 2:23 p.m., marking a new record for the sixth time this year alone, exceeding the yesterday’s record which was at 29,249.4 megawatts.

The governor states that the main cause of high electricity consumption was caused by the continued hot weather in many areas and the lack of rain, coupled with the fact that today is a workday during a school holiday, resulting in a higher usage of electrical devices both at home and in offices.

On the electricity supply, the EGAT Governor has assured that there is a sufficient supply of electricity with electricity as an excess of 10-15 percentage, or no less than 32,000 megawatts. He ensures that there will be no power outages from high electricity consumption.

The EGAT is now encouraging the general public to conserve energy usage by turning off unused lamps, adjusting their air conditioner’s temperature to 26 degrees Celsius, and unplug the power chords of unused electrical devices during 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. every day until 20 May 2016.

The general public are also encouraged to change their electrical devices to energy efficient counterparts to help the nation conserve energy.


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