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People warned about leptospirosis in flood water

Samui Times Editor



People warned about leptospirosis in flood water | Samui Times
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The Ministry of Public Health has warned people against wading in flood water as they could be infected with leptospirosis.

According to Public Health Minister Dr. Sophon Mekthanon, people are prone to leptospirosis infection as it can easily enter the body especially through small cuts or wounds.

Those having to walk in the waterlogged streets are urged to wear boots or protective gear to protect themselves from water borne diseases. Public Health Provincial Offices across Thailand have been instructed to monitor the possibility of an outbreak within a period of 15 days.

Patients are expected to be questioned thoroughly by hospital staff regarding their health, as leptospirosis can be cured. Common symptoms include muscle pains and headaches.

Bacteria that cause leptospirosis can stay alive in the water for several days. At least 1,259 people have come down with the disease since the beginning of this year. Of this figure, 24 died. Most the deaths were farmers.


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