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Petition calling for the immediate closure of the aquarium and tiger zoo in Samui has been started online

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Petition calling for the immediate closure of the aquarium and tiger zoo in Samui has been started online | Samui Times
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An outraged visitor to the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo has started a petition on to call for its immediate closure. Her letter on the site reads –

I have written to various organisations and none seem to be able to help!!! How can this be?! The Thai Embassy arent interested, in fact, they dont even respond. Lets all help these animals suffering!!

The aquarium houses a large number of different fish and all tanks are by far too small for the fish that are housed in the tanks. Some fish could not stretch out and their tales were bent in the tanks. There were fish that were over 5 feet long in tanks that were no bigger that 6 ft by 3 ft. One fish in particular which was about 6 feet long was just swimming around and around in circles in a very small tank that it would not be able to lay straight in. There was not one tank in the aquarium that was big enough or had enough room for the amount of fish that were in the tanks which is a huge shame as there are some beautiful fish in the aquarium, only the conditions are appauling. There was also seals or sea lions at the park that performed a show but i was quite worried as there was no evidence of their tanks or enclosures that could be seen. I only hope they have a bigger enclosure but i very much doubt that they do.

In the outside area there are several very very small cages that house all different types of animals such as monkeys, otters, birds and other types of animals. Every single animal in these cages were displaying unnatural behaviour and i 100% believe this is due to the fact of their living conditions. Their cages are upsettingly small and they have no stimulating objects for the animals to play with. They are also in the open and most of the animals have no access to shade so are subjected to extremly hot conditions every single day. There is also no room for them to play. There was no food in any of the cages and only some cages had water. The otters were given a bucket filled with stale water for them to dip in – the bucket is nowhere near big enough for them to swim. The otters were making noises as if crying and seemed to be extremely hungry when fed with food that was purchased by myself to feed the animals with. The monkeys showed very aggresive behaviour when their cage was approached which i also believe is a sign of stress due to their poor living conditions. All the animals in this place are suffering and something must be done to solve this problem immiediatly. There is enough land on the safari park to build much bigger animal enclosures with stimulating objects, shade and to make the animals happier.

The big cats. I have no idea where i could even start with this one! If the animals in the outside area wasnt bad enough, i then had to witness the appauling conditions the tigers and leopards are kept in. There were 2 leopards in a cage that was no bigger than 10ft by 6 ft. They had no access to any outside space where they could exercise. There was also several tigers who had what i would describe as a path to exercise on. There was a sign that states there is a larger area at the back of the aquarium for the big cats to exercise, which is out of public view, however if this was the case, the tigers would not have been pacing this very small cramped area that they were in. There were at least 10 tigers that were there. I do not beleive for one second that they have any exercise area nor did i see any stimulating objects or anything that resembles their natural habitat for example some grass or a tree. These tigers were clearly distressed and it broke my heart to think that i had paid to go and see them in these awful conditions.

There was a tiger show that was being shown at the safari park and what i witnessed was absoluty disgusting. The tigers were petrofied of their trainer who had a big massive stick. The tigers cowered and closed their eyes every time any of the staff got close to them. At one point one of the tigers did not perform and the trainer approached the tiger and the tiger ran to the back of the performing area where it looked as if it was poked with a cattle prod or some sort stun gun as the tiger jumped and ran back into the performing area with its ears down and looked extremly stressed and frightened. The behaviour of these tigers was outrageous! They are then made to jump through hoops of fire!!!!! This place is absoluty awful!! The tiger trainer and all the staff at this place are brutal!!!

I witnessed the tiger trainer pick up a tiger cub by his arm so that it could pose with people for photographs!

Something has to be done about this place. You only have to google reveiews for this place and see what other people have also wrote. There is not one good review.

The welfare of the animals in this zoo is severely compromised and this situation should not be allowed to continue. If this zoo is a member of your organisation, then I recommend that you work with them for improvements to it straight away. If this zoo is not one of your members, then I would suggest that you investigate it immediately, with a view to your association either making a public statement that it should be closed down or to encourage them to work with the Zoo Association to improve welfare standards.

This hell hole has responded to my complaints saying that there are larger areas for the animals – out of public view! They even sent photos HOWEVER these photos are right behind the stage where the tigers are forced to jump through fire! And the aqurium is undergoing refurb… 2 years later, things have not improved!
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