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Phang Nga dealer nabbed with 18,000 ya bah pills

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Phang Nga dealer nabbed with 18,000 ya bah pills | Samui Times
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A Phang Nga methamphetamine (ya bah) dealer was arrested June 17 in the province̕s Borsaen sub-district in possession of 18,000 ya bah pills and a .38 calibre pistol.

Yesterday morning, Phang Nga Governor, Prayoon Rattanasaenee and Phang Nga police held a press conference to announce the arrest of Phang Nga resident, Apichart Dangnam, 27.

Apichart was arrested when police carried out a search of a rented room in Borsaen. Police also seized six bank account books, various bank cards, B8000 in cash and two car keys). The items amounted to a value of around B1.2m.

Gov Prayoon said at the conference that police had known that Apichart was dealing drugs in the area for quite sometime and tracked him down to the rental room in Borsaen on Monday (June 15).

When police arrived at the room they found Apichart and three other men taking drugs. Then when they searched the room found 2,000 ya bah pills and the .38 calibre pistol.

When questioned by police, Apichart admitted he had another eight bundles of pills hidden in the washing machine. The eight bundles contained a further 16,000 pills.

Gov Prayoon added that Apichart told police that he was working as a boat operator in Phuket but quit and came to work in Phang Nga as a drug dealer with his friends as it paid more.

He got paid B5000 per bundle he delivered and he recently picked up 50 bundles of pills from Surathani. He then divided the pills into smaller packages ready to be delivered to clients in Krabi.

Apichart charged with possession of Category 1 with intent to sell.

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