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Phone calls in Thailand to be charged per second under new proposals

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Phone calls in Thailand to be charged per second under new proposals | Samui Times
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The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) today endorsed with 211-3 votes a proposal of its consumer protection reform committee to mandate mobile phone operators to charge their customers on a per second basis or what is called “pay per use”.

Before reaching the resolution with seven abstentions on per second call rate, Consumer protection reform committee chairman Ms Saree phone anonOngsomwang told the NLA that the current tariff plans of mobile phone operators are unfair for customers as they charge on a per minute basis which she said does not reflect the actual time used by customers.

She said earnings of True, DTAC, and AIS in 2013 were 96, 94, and 140 billion baht respectively.

Recent survey showed that a prepaid customer pays an average 341 baht/month, postpaid 716 baht/month, or an average 415 baht/month on both payment.

If call rate is charged per second, it will help save one minute call rate or 1.33 baht per day for a customer, or 40 baht a month, she said.

As now there are 94 million mobile numbers in active use, up to 3.59 billion baht could be saved in a month or 43.09 billion baht a year.

She said what her committee proposed to the NLA would help to save up to 3 billion baht a month for the people, and to ease exploitation by mobile phone operators, if per second call rate proposal is endorsed.

She also asked that if her proposal was endorsed by the NLA, it should be forwarded to the National Council for Peace and Order to approve.

Moreover she said the NLA should also forward the resolution reached today to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission with recommendation that it executes powers under Article 31 of the Broadcasting and Telecommunication Frequency Management Organisation BE 2553 Act to order mobile phone operators to charge call rates based on actual time used or on the per second call basis.

After hearing her explanation, the NLA then voted 211-3 with 7abstentions to endorse the proposal.

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