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Phuket anti-drug drive continues with three arrests

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Phuket anti-drug drive continues with three arrests | Samui Times
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The anti-drug drive continues on Phuket with the arrest of two drug dealers by undercover police on Sunday (January 18) and a further arrest on Tuesday (January 20).

more drugs busts in PhuketOn Sunday, undercover officers first arrested Hattachart Howharn, 20, with 16.83 grams of crystal meth (ya ice) and 106 methamphetamine tablets (ya bah), after they bought an unknown quantity of drugs from him in Talad Yai.

Hattachart confessed that on a couple of occasions he has bought drugs from a dealer he named as Obie, and each time he paid Obie B2,800 for 30 grams of ya ice and B25,000 for 200 ya bah pills.

Police learned that the last time Hattachart bought drugs from Obie was on January 15. On this occasion, Obie dropped the drugs near the Moo Baan Panason circle in Vichit and Hattachart tranferred the money to the dealer via a local commercial bank.

Hattachart will be charged with possession of a Category 1 with intent for sell.

Following the investigation of Hattachart, police went on to arrest another drug dealer known only as Narongrit in the vicinity of the Two Heroines Monument and Pa Khlok Rd area.

In a further incident, on Tuesday (January 20), Investigation Superintendent Col Somkid Boonrat and Narcotic Suppression Department Chief, Lt Col Jaran Bangprasert led a team of officers to a house in Pa Khlok, and following a search of his house, arrested Narongrit Howharn, 23, in possession of 4.94 grams of ya ice, 162 ya bah pills, a .38 handmade home gun and one bullet.

Narongrit faces charges of possession of Category 1 drugs with intent for sell, and also possessing a firearm and ammunition without a permit.

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