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Phuket Barely Flickering As Covid-19 Depletes Its Livelihood




Phuket Barely Flickering As Covid-19 Depletes Its Livelihood | Samui Times
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It’s a city that has brought Thailand to the forefront of its international fame in tourism. But today, the scene upon driving down roads in Phuket is one of despair. As one of the most popular places in Thailand to visit, Phuket is reeling from this year’s Covid-19 pandemic with only a shot in the dark as their hope to recover what once was a vibrant scene. As many people are experiencing extreme conditions due to the country’s lockdown and closing of most tourist-driven venues, it is a situation that is shockingly leaving streets to display only the smallest signs of life.

In a YouTube video, by user geoffphuket, Kata, Phuket appears to be close to its last breath.

But this normally brimming with excitement tourist destination isn’t the only one losing a dangerous amount of steam. It is only a mere reminder of what things look like in any area that has experienced coronavirus lockdowns and furthermore the closing of what some say is a now defunct era in history.

With Thailand expecting a 65 percent drop in tourism for this year, many are wondering how long the recovery will take to get everyone back on their feets again. The government has responded giving some hope as it says it is unlikely that Thailand’s emergency decree will extend into the month of June.

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