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Phuket bike theft gang ‘stole 200 bikes’, sold them in Myanmar

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Phuket bike theft gang ‘stole 200 bikes’, sold them in Myanmar | Samui Times
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Patong police have arrested a gang of Thai and Burmese motorbike thieves thought to have stolen as many as 200 motorbikes and shipped them to Myanmar for sale.

stolen bike scamYesterday afternoon (November 24) at Phuket Provincial Police station, Phuket Provincial Commander Maj Gen Patchara Boonyasit led introduced the thieves to the press and gave details of how the gang operated.

The leader of the gang was Zeed Chid-eur, 29, from Ranong. The other gang members were Anna Chuaychart, Adam Yoosri and Suradet Khunpakdee. All have both Thai and Myanmar nationalities.

“Undercover police discovered that there were four members in the gang, which had stolen more than 200 motorbikes from all areas of Phuket, though their main target was bikes parked outside apartment buildings,” Gen Patchara said.

“Police baited these areas in Patong with many motorbikes and kept a watch. On Saturday night, in the parking lot in front of the Rojjana guesthouse, Zeed arrived and cracked the lock on one of the bikes with a special tool.”

He said that once the lock had been cracked the bike could be started at any time without a key.

As soon as Zeed cracked the lock on the bike, police pounced.

“Zeede would bring the stolen motorbikes to a rented house in the Kathu area, from where they would be picked up by the other gang members,” Lt Col Khunnadet Na Nhongkai, the deputy superintendent of Kathu Police, Col Khunnadet told The Phuket News.

“These members would ride each bike to Ranong, passing through many check points – the gang had figured out the times when the check points were not manned – and would then take the bike by ferry from a pier in the Suksamran District into Myanmar,” he explained.

In Myanmar they were delivered to a dealer who paid B20,000-35,000 per bike. The three gang members who made the deliveries to Ranong got B5,000 per bike, police learned, but Zeed refused to tell police how much he got for stealing the bikes in the first place.

“The suspects have all been charged with theft at night,” Gen Patchara added.

At the press conference police asked whether or not the suspects admitted the charge. They were met by a wall of silence.

The Phuket News asked the quartet how they spent the money they got from the thefts. Again, silence.

Gen Patchara said, “There is another bike theft gang active in Patong. They are now under investigation and we expect to arrest them soon.”

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