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Phuket burglar leaves Russian couple B25k light

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Phuket burglar leaves Russian couple B25k light | Samui Times
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Phuket police are still hunting for the suspect who broke into a house in Soi Bangrae in Chalong and stole B25k from a Russian couple three days before.

Phuket burglar leaves Russian couple B25k light | News by Samui TimesOn Wednesday (July 19) Ms Natthanit Suwit, 40, reported to Chalong police that a burglar broke into her house in Soi Bangrae and stole B25k belonging to her Russian tenants. The woman provided police with CCTV records from the house but it is unclear if the videos were informative enough to identify the suspect.
“The CCTV footage in the house shows that the incident happened at 06:45am. A teenager thief climb over the fence and broke into the house where my tenants lived. The thief stole B25k in cash from a pocket of denim pants that were on the sofa and then ran away. At 07:30am the Russian couple woke up and found that the money had gone,” Ms Natthanit said.

The case was registered by Maj Thada Sodarak of Phuket City Police who temporally performs his duties at Chalong Police Station. As of Friday, July 21, police were still hunting for the suspect.

“I want to publicize this story to warn people. I ask all to be careful and keep an eye on their properties. There are many more thieves in Chalong whose actions damage the image of the island, as Chalong is the area where many foreigners live. We should find the way to solve this problem so both Thais and foreigners are confident about their safety,” Ms Natthanit said.

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