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Phuket drunk rescued after falling in ditch while taking a pee

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Phuket drunk rescued after falling in ditch while taking a pee | Samui Times
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A drunk Phuket man had to be pulled from a three-metre deep ditch last night, which he fell in while taking a pee.

Phuket drunk rescued after falling in ditch while taking a pee | News by Samui TimesKusoldharm rescue workers received a report that a man had fallen into a ditch beside a building close to the Phuket Bus Terminal 2 in Rassada at just after 9pm yesterday (July 20).

Rescue workers arrived at the scene to find a man stuck in a 3.5m deep and 50cm wide ditch between a building an a wall.

The man, named only as Mr Samran, 60, was still crying out for help when they arrived.

A ladder was used by rescue workers to get down into the ditch, they then placed a rope around Mr Samran so he could be pulled out.

It took rescue workers five minutes to carefully pull Mr Samran out.

One of the rescue workers said, “We didn’t find any injuries on Mr Samran, but he was weak so we gave him some water and asked him to sit down in a wheelchair.

“We believe he was drunk because he kept talking in circles, so we we called one of his relatives to come and collect him,” the rescue worker said.

Mr Samran said, “I am Songthaew driver but my vehicle is broken and being fixed.

“This afternoon I went to a funeral in Thalang and had some drinks, but I cannot remember how much I drunk. In the late afternoon my friend brought me here so my child could come and collect me,” he said.

“While I was waiting I went for a toilet beside a building but didn’t realise there was a ditch there and slipped down into it.

“I tried to climb up but couldn’t so I shouted for help. I do not know how long I was in the ditch before rescue workers arrived,” he added.

A member of staff from the bus terminal, who asked not to be named, said, “I was 20m away when I heard a noise like something falling down. I looked at the place I thought the noise came from but couldn’t see anything because it was dark, but then I heard Mr Samran shouting for help so I called the rescue team.”

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