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Phuket ferry passengers receiving help

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Phuket ferry passengers receiving help | Samui Times
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Passengers who were on board the Ao Nang Princess 5 when it sunk on Wednesday (April 8) have received cash and other assistance from the ferry owners and Phuket Tourism and Sports Department.

Phuket Ferry disasterThe CEO of the ferry company, Ao Nang Travel and Tour, have given passengers B3,000 compensation each to cover the costs of food, clothes and accommodation.

It is said that the company has been working closely with the Tourism and Sports Department and are gathering all information from police stations where reports have been filed by the passengers.

The incident meant many passengers lost their valuables, and so far 100 of those who were on board have filed complaints with police. (story here)

This morning, Somkiet Siebhaid, Managing Director of Ao Nang Travel and Tour and his team met with Tourism and Sport Director, Santi Pawai, and Marisa Jareonsaidtakit, Director of the Tourist Assistance Centre to find ways of assisting the passengers who lost their belongings which included clothes, wallets, passports etc.

Santi Pawai said that since the incident, 90 passengers from the ferry have been stranded in Phuket (34 in Patong, 34 in Kata, 9 in Chalong, 4 in Kamala and 9 in Phuket Town).

All 90 have been to a police station to file a report, mostly for missing items. Two have since returned home.

The majority of the passengers are covered by their own insurance. However, Ao Nang Travel and Tour also has three insurance policies:

1. Ferry insurance – The family of 12-year-old Shani Maril from Israel who died in the disaster will receive B100,000 and any passengers injured will receive B10,000 each.

2.Ferry insurance – Ao Nang Travel and Tour is contacting the insurance company to find out the exact details of the policy and coverage.

3.Tourist insurance for a company which is registered as a tour company – The family of Shani Maril will received B1m and those injured will receive B500,000 each.

The Tourism and Sports Department will contribute B300,000 to a fund to assist the family of Shani Maril, while those injured will receive B100,000 each once officials have processed the relevant documents.

Officials from the Tourism and Sports Department and Tourist Assistance Centre will visit all passengers who were on the ferry and assist them with expenses provided by Ao Nang Travel and Tour.

Mr Somkiet said, “ Right now we have paid B,3000 to each passenger but I understand that we are responsible for other expenses too that tourist may need assistance with.

“We will assist with their flight changes and will contact the Immigration department regarding passports issues.

“With regards to the lost items, we are gathering all the information from local police to see what we need.”

“The incident was unforeseen, our company is deeply sorry for all the passengers especailly the family of the deceased.

In the past we have been very careful to check the engine and equipment regularly. All our crew, from the captain to the mechanics have received extensive annual training. And all our guides are legal and have work permits.

“This incident was beyond our control and we are fully responsible for all those passengers who were on board,” he said.

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