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Phuket Governor has mind set on 100 per cent virgin beaches

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Phuket Governor has mind set on 100 per cent virgin beaches | Samui Times
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The new governor of Phuket has stated that it is in his plans to remove all 10 per cent zones from Phuket’s beaches, thus leaving them all as virgin beaches.

phuket-governorThe statement was made during Governor Chockchai Dejamornthan’s first “Governor Meets Press” meeting held on Thursday (Oct 13) together with Vice Governors Theera Anantaseriwidhya, Siwaporn Chuasawad and Snith Sriwihok.

During the meeting a reporter from The Phuket News asked Gov Chockchai, “Do you have any plans to increase or change the 10 per cent beach rules?”

Gov Chockchai replied, “I have thought a lot about what to do about this, as there are actually no laws which allows 10 per cent zones on beaches.

“Also, it appears that we still have issues with the umbrella and beach chair mafias. There will be no more mafias. It is my duty to work out who will manage Phuket’s beaches, but I can assure you it will not be mafias and they will be run in accordance with the law.

“As it is illegal to have these 10 per cent zones they will gradually be removed leaving virgin beaches.

“I will not allow people to break the rules,” he said.

“At present the rules will remain the same. However, when I have the time I will educate myself on the beach situation in Phuket and gradually the 10% will be removed . The current situation is certainly inconvenient.

“If vendors want to press me regarding this issue then my decision will be made, I will make all Phuket’s beaches virgin beaches immediately.

“Saying that you are poor is not an excuse to go out and break the law,” he added.

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