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Phuket Hard Rock manager arrested for murder in Australia

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Phuket Hard Rock manager arrested for murder in Australia | Samui Times
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The general manager of the Hard Rock Café in Patong, 42-year-old Gerard Caleo, was arrested this morning at Sydney Airport in Australia, accused of a murder that took place 24 years ago in the ritzy Double Bay area of Sydney.

He was arrested when he flew into Australia from Malaysia.

hard rock manager arrested for murderThe victim in the 1990 murder was Rita Caleo, who was stabbed to death in the bathroom of her home. The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Detective Inspector John Lehmann, from the Unsolved Homicide Team, as saying that her killing was made to look like a robbery.

“An intruder broke into the house and she was attacked in her bedroom,” he said. “It was a horrific murder.”

Her killing came less than a year after her brother, Dr Michael Chye, son of a high-ranking policeman in Malaysia, was shot dead by an assailant waiting in the garage of his home.

Several month before her murder, Mrs Caleo left a note with her lawyer saying that if she died an unnatural death, it would be at the hands of the people who killed her brother.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Det Insp Lehmann as saying today that police, too, believe the killings were linked.

“Rita Caleo was murdered some 10 months after the murder of Dr Michael Chye, and yes … we do believe that the same persons are responsible,” he said.

“We know there are a number of people who were involved in Mrs Caleo and Dr Chye’s deaths and we are hoping to make more arrests in the future.

“My advice to anyone who was involved in these incidents, even if only by association, is to contact us before we come to you.”

Mrs Caleo was married to restaurateur Mark Caleo. Gerard is understood to be his younger brother. He was just 18 at the time of her murder.

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