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Phuket International Airport remains on high alert

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Phuket International Airport remains on high alert | Samui Times
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Phuket International Airport (PIA) officials have confirmed that airport security remains on the highest level of security (Level 3+) following a recent alert from Singapore about two Turkish nationals that maybe in the Kingdom.

airport securityOf the three names handed over by Singapore, only one, identified as Ali Yalcin, 36, was found to have entered and left the kingdom in March. Further checks have found he had travelled with another Turkish national, Arif Yilmaz, 35, who was not on Singapore’s watch list. Both Mr Yalcin and Mr Yilmaz hold Turkish passports.

According to the immigration database, Mr Yalcin arrived at Don Mueang airport on March 18 from Singapore on an AirAsia flight and left for Cambodia on March 22.

He re-entered the country on March 24 and left for Malaysia via Phuket International Airport on March 28. There was no record of a third entry. (see story here.)

Phuket International Airport Director Monrudee Gettuphan said today (Apr 22) that security at the airport has remained at “Level 3+” since the attack of Brussels Airport.

“During Songkran we continued to provide maximum security for tourists and will continue to be on high alert at level 3+. At present we have no plan to lower it as we have not found anything suspicious or threatening,” she said.

“More officers have been assigned to patrol the entrance and exit to the airport, and officers are conducting checks on vehicles entering the car park building since the bomb in Brussels,” she added.

“Security patrols through the departure and arrival halls have been increased and the only vehicles allowed to approach the terminal are those picking up or dropping off passengers,” Ms Monrudee said.

The chief of the airport Immigration police at PIA, Col Supachok Yongstar added that officers will ramp up security when checking all foreigners arriving or departing the airport.

“We will keep an eye on these groups and will work with local police and military on the island to help with security patrolling,” he said.

“The numbers of tourists arrivals at PIA has decrease since Songkran and I was told that about 10,000 foreigners are arriving per day and the same number for departures. However, we will increase patrol officers and will keep working diligently,” he said.

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