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Phuket jet-ski operator found hanging at his home

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Phuket jet-ski operator found hanging at his home | Samui Times
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A Patong jet-ski operator was founding hanging at his house early this morning (May 16). He had left goodbye notes to his family and ex-girlfriend.

At 5:30am Kathu police received a call from local residents who had found the body of a man found hanging from a wooden beam in the front of a house on 50 Years Rd in Patong.

Jet Ski operator found dead in his home in ThailandPolice and rescue workers arrived at the house to find the body of a man hanging by a rope from the beam. The victim’s feet were almost touching the ground and there was a chair lying next to the man.

In the pocket of the man’s trousers, police discovered three letters addressed to three people.

Police revealed that the man, Suradit Taweeratsarnti, 40, own a jet-ski operation on Patong beach and they say he had been dead for at least 6 hours and that there was no sign of foul play, assault or home robbery.

Police learned from neighbours that the victim has been living by himself since his girlfriend left him.

“He was under a lot of stress and in deep depression,” said one neighbour.

Police will investigate more in this case before ruing the incident as suicide. However, they did state that the letters they found were all notes stating how depressing his life was and how sorry he was for leaving everyone he loves like this.

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