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Phuket man shot what police say is a case of mistaken identity

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Phuket man shot what police say is a case of mistaken identity | Samui Times
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A Thai man was shot yesterday (May ) in what police say was a case of mistaken identity. However, they have also said that they know who the suspected shooters are.

crime sceneAt 11pm yesterday, Thalang police were called to the scene of a shooting at a rented room in soi Kubo in Pa Khlok where Kordej Sintoe, 38, from Phang Nga had been shot in the left had side of his body.

Police were told that Mr Kordej and his girlfriend were sittting and talking in front of his rented room when the gunman approached on a motorbike and fired a single shot which hit Mr Kordej in the left had side of his body.

The shooters then drove away from the scene.

At 11am today (May14), Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander, Col Peerayuth Karajadee said police searched the crime scene and discovered one bullet mark on the back of a pick up truck and another on an electricity pylon.

A bullet tip was also found close to where Mr Kordej had been sitting.

A witness told police four men came on two motorbikes, one jumped of a motorbike and shot at Mr Kordej before jumping back on the motorbike and speeding off.

“I don’t know these men. My girlfriend and I were talking in front my room when we heard the gun shot. I only realised I had been shot at when the bullet hit me and I saw blood,” Mr Kordej told police.

Col Peerayuth Karajadee said, “After questioning Mr Kordej and witnesses we believe that the suspects shot the wrong man because one of the shooters is believed to have a problem with someone who lives in the area resembles Mr Kordej.

“When the group saw Mr Kordej they stopped and one man fired at him from about 20 metres away.

“However, we have identified the four men and we are watching them closely. We are gathering further information so that we can obtain an arrest warrant from Phuket Provincial Court.”

Mr Kordej was taken to Thalang Hospital for treatment to the gunshot wound.

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