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Phuket on high alert as officials keep eye out for IS threats

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Phuket on high alert as officials keep eye out for IS threats | Samui Times
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Gov Chamroen Tipaypongtada held a meeting yesterday morning (Dec 4) with the Provincial police and Royal Navy Third to discuss how to keep the island safe after the memo, containing information about IS members entering Thailand (two in Phuket), was “leaked” to the media.

isis threat PhuketOfficials from all three districts have been ordered to monitor security at all times.

Gov Chamroen said, “We will do our best to act with caution and seek help from local residents and tourists to keep an eye and ear out for us too. In this type of situation, we need to work as a team. We will add more CCTV in areas that need it.

“I don’t want people to start panicking, but rather to stay alert and help with providing security in their community and help police officers when they can. International crime and terrorism is a problem in every country that these said members enter, especially within tourist destinations like Phuket.

“Safety is the most important thing right now and I want residents everywhere and each department, to report anything suspicious. We must keep Phuket clean and keep Phuket safe and follow the situation closely,” said Gov Chamroen.

Phuket Provincial Police Chief, Col Teeraphol Tipjaroen, added, “We did not get an official notice on checking people from the National Police office, but I have already ordered the immigration office to look into the information of two Syrians that came to Phuket.

“Secondly, please note that tourists are highly unlikely to admit that they are from Syria. Village headman must patrol their areas and check rented rooms and flats which have foregners staying in. Hotel operators must report any potential suspects to authorities.

“At the moment, we must ensure we are vigilant at all times.”

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