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Phuket pauper hands in B10k cash found on the ground

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Phuket pauper hands in B10k cash found on the ground | Samui Times
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A 61-year-old man from Srisaket who makes a meagre living from growing and selling herbs and vegetables has handed in nearly B10,000 in mixed banknotes that he found on the ground, which no one has claimed and he says he doesn’t want.

pauper hands in lost money in PhuketWan Supalert found the cash bundled up with a rubber band on the ground in front of Krua Pong Restaurant in Rassada on November 12, he explained to Phuket Vice Governor Dr Prajiad Aksornthammakul today (Nov 25).

Mr Wan met with V/Gov Dr Prajiad at the Damrongdhama Centre (ombudsman’s office) at Phuket Provincial Hall, along with the Phuket Damrongdhama Centre Chief, Prapan Khanprasang.

“I gave it to the restaurant owner hoping that the owner would return for his missing cash, but after no one came forward, the next day I handed it to the police at the community police centre in Rassada,” Mr Wan said.

“Today we are here with the cash that still no one has claimed. Hopefully, the authorities will find the rightful owner.

“I do not want the money that isn’t mine. I’d rather return happiness to the owner,” he added.

V/Gov Dr Prajiad praised Mr Wan’s honesty.

“We want more good persons like this in our community,” he said.

“The B10,000 will be kept at here at community police station in Rassada and the owner can come and claim the money here,” he added.

V/Gov Prajiad told the press that he did not want to publicly disclose the exact amount found by Mr Wan, as this will help identify the real owner.

“The rightful owner should be able to explain exactly how much money was lost, where, when and even the colour of the rubber band,” he said.

“If no one claims the money, and if Mr Wan still doesn’t want it, then we will donate the cash to charity,” he added.

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