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Phuket police arrest woman with million baht’s worth of drugs

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Phuket police arrest woman with million baht’s worth of drugs | Samui Times
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A 27-year-old woman was arrested on Friday (April 17) for possession of drugs worth B1.8 million after police received a tip-off.

At 10pm, police headed to the suspect’s house on Narisorn Rd in Talad Yai.

Upon arrival, police questioned the suspect, Amporn or Mam Kaisorn, 27, and eventually seized 36,000 meth pills, 874 grams of crystal meth, along with a mobile phone and a bank book.

police arrest woman in Phuket with drugsThe arrest came after police nabbed a dealer named Thammarat Muddtey on Narisorn Rd with four grams of crystal meth a few days earlier.

Thammarat gave up the name of his dealer to police after being questioned. Police then searched Amporn at her home and found 20 grams of crystal meth.

After being questioned by police for five hours, Amporn finally told police where she kept the rest of the drugs.

Police were led to another home on the same street and discovered the 36,000 meth pills and 850 grams of crystal meth.

Amporn told police the drugs belonged to her supplier, a man named Art. She told police she gets paid to take care of the drugs and deliver them to clients at a drop off location, directed to her via the phone by Mr Art.

After questioning Amporn, police said that if she had delivered all the drugs successfully, she would have been paid B320, 000.

Police records revealed that Amporn was arrested for drugs in 2007 by the crime suppression authority. They seized her valuable assets, worth more than B3 million. Police asked her how she got the items and where she got the money to buy them.

On April 20, Amporn will find out whether she will be allowed to get her belongings back from the court.

Amporn is currently at the Phuket Provincial police station facing the charge of Category 1 with intent to sell.

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