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Phuket police mount horses for tourists’ safety

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Phuket police mount horses for tourists’ safety | Samui Times
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Police began patrols on horseback at Surin Beach today (Dec 9) in their latest efforts to keep tourists safe.

Region 8 Police Deputy Commander Lt Gen Chalit Thinthanee this morning said that the need to have mounted police patrolling Phuket beaches came after officials learned that officers patrolling beaches on foot or by patrol car could not cover all area, especially long beaches or places that were hard to get to.

“Surin Beach is the first area in Phuket to have police patrolling on a horseback,” he said.

“We will have mounted police to cover all beaches in the future. Foot patrols at times can be very difficult (sic) and take too long too when responding to an emergency, so we need a better alternative,” he added.

“Now we have mounted police who will respond to any call quickly. This will promote tourism and ensure safety to tourists while they enjoying our beaches.” Gen Chalit said.

Officers will receive training so they can safely ride and control the horses while patrolling the beach, he added

“Today we received good feedback from beachgoers and we will increase our mounted police patrols at other beaches as a welcome to the high season and upcoming holidays for Christmas and New Year,” Gen Chalit said.

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