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Phuket python pipe rescue pics go viral

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Phuket python pipe rescue pics go viral | Samui Times
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The Thai social media world is praising Phuket rescue volunteers for their brave work after photos of a huge python being rescued from the fate of a Phuket underground pipe, went viral on on Facebook.

snake rescue phuketThe photos, initially posted Saturday morning on the (June 20) on the “Kusoldhamma Joot Thung Thong” (Thai language) page, showed Phuket Kusoldham rescue workers freeing the snake, which was estimated to weight about three kilogrammes and measure about 2.5 meters long.

Thai social media consumers shared the photos, accompanied with comments such as “Kusondham does a lot more than collected dead bodies!”

The reticulated python – Ngoo Luam in Thai – was reportedly stuck inside a pipe under the road near Khao Kad viewpoint in Phuket Muang’s Vichit sub district, and it took rescue workers 15 minutes to free it, before it was brought to the Khao Prataew National Reserve in Thalang, where it was freed.

This protected forest is reportedly where rescue workers go to relase all snakes and animals they catch in populated areas in Phuket.

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