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Phuket to reduce number of teen pregnancies

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Phuket to reduce number of teen pregnancies | Samui Times
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Phuket Public Health Office are set to put measures in place to reduce the number of teen pregnancies (15-19-years-old) after it was revealed that the number of teen mothers in Phuket has now reached over the standard (50/1000).

Phuket pregnancyThe announcment came at a meeting held Tuesday (February 3) by the Phuket Public Health Office who revealed that Phuket now has 60 teen mothers out of 1,000 teens.

Chief of the Health Promoting Department, Phuket Public Health Office, Wanlapa Jeenloy, told the Phuket News, “The standard number of underage pregnant woman must be 50 from 1,000 or lower.

“We arranged this meeting to discuss about activities and measures we will use to cut the number of under age mother in Phuket.

“Following this, we will file our plan with the Public Health Ministry and request a budget of B2 million.”

It was decided that four Tambons should be targeted first, namely Talad Yai, Talad Nua, Wichit and Rassada, as these areas are most at risk.

Ms Wanalapa went on to say, “The committee will draft a new sex education course to be introduced at schools around the island. Activities will also be arranged to make teens understand more clearly about this issue.

“For those who do not attend school, the Provincial Social Development and Human Security team will provide alternative programs such as seminars or day activities that will attract teens to join.

“Also, parents are one of the most important parts.

“Both parents who have their daughter in or out of school will be trained by our team to change their attitude and make them realize that giving sex education, and building a friendly atmosphere where children feel free to talk about sex is a way of protecting against underage mothers as well as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),” she said.

In additon, she said that there will be Reproductive Health Clinics not only in hospitals but also in places that teens can access easily. These will have a friendly atmosphere which will make teens feel trusted and safe.

The services will include birth control (suited for individual needs), STD check ups and treatments, pre and post natal services, and abortions (in cases where the teen is physically not mature enough for pregnancy).

All services will be confidential, and all information will be kept secret from parents.

The birth control service will controlled by a mobile working team who will access places where teens gather, as well as local communities such as slums, sea gypsy villages and remote areas.
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