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Phuket Town ‘running short of water’

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Phuket Town ‘running short of water’ | Samui Times
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After months of the Phuket Water Authority denying that the island is getting short of water, and despite recent rain, Phuket City Municipality yesterday (May 18) warned residents of the town that fresh water supplies are running short.

Deputy Mayor Thaworn Jirapattanasopon announced the looming shortage and urged city dwellers to use water sparingly.

Rainfall so far has been random and not enough has been collected to continue supplying the whole city, he said.

From now until the rainy season sets in, water pressure will be reduced from 10am to 5pm and from 10pm to 5am, he said, adding that some areas higher up will eperience low pressure or no supply at all during those period.

He urged residents to store water in buckets or other containers so that they have some water when the taps run dry.

Residents should also check water pipes in their area and, if they find any broken or leaking pipes, they should report them immediately. They can call 076-211-130 or 099-487-4038 at any time of day or night.

The shortages are limited to households only within the city limits, “because our water sources are insufficient,” a municipal official told The Phuket News.

Thamdongrak Kumphet, Chief of the Phuket Provincial Water Department, which supplies most of the rest of the island, said, “We do not have to low pressure.” Water supplies are adequate, he said.

The Western Thailand Meteorological Department told The Phuket News that rain is unlikely this week but is expected from May 24 onwards as the annual southwest monsoon begins to grow in power.

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