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Phuket vendors want their beach back

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Phuket vendors want their beach back | Samui Times
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A representative of the Patong Vendors Club is adamant that beach vendors should be allowed to make money for selling goods on the beach just as they use to.

The revelations came after the Department of Skill Development offered free training and accommdation to the vendors on Tuesday (February 17).

Phuket Vendors want their beach backThe Department of Skill Development met with a number of vendors who had come to listen to details of the training which included bartending, massage, cooking, food and beverage service, computer repairers, electricitian, air conditioning maintenance and sewing.

Some vendors redecided to take the paperwork to sign up for the training but appeared to be uninterested in actually signing up.

Head of the Patong Sunbed Club, Ampien Tientin, told The Phuket News, “We knew what they would offer but we want to return to the beach. We have been worked for 40 years on public spaces even though we knew about the law. But why did the municipality allow this before?”

Jakkarin Jareujit, a member of Patong Vendors Club, who is at the forefront of of leading the campaigners to return to the beach said, “We think the Department of Skill Development should join with us to deal with the sunbed issue. This has not been sloved yet.

“We want sunbeds back on the beaches.

“I have to wonder whether officials have listened to or know the comments from tourist.

“Some of them told me ʻThis is last time they will travel to Phuket̕, and this is because there is no chairs or sunbeds here,” he said.

Mr Ampien went on to say, “We have tired the three zones plan introduced by the Governor and local officials. But we were only allowed to work in a 10 per cent zone. It does not work because it is not enough for tourism.”

Mr Jakkarin added, “We have tried many times to figure it out. I hope they will understand that officials have taken chairs (sunbeds) out of tourism. It does not make sense.

“Some tourists cannot lay down because they are older or have come to recover from an operation. We want to reclaim the sunbed service.”

Mr Ampien claimed, “I guarantee that we are a real tourism service and we welcome tourist.”

The Department of Skill Development Officials camly offered the vendors the papers and politely advised the vendors that registration is open until April 2.

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