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Pink and Yellow monorail lines will be in service in 2023

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Pink and Yellow monorail lines will be in service in 2023
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The lives of Bangkok commuters are about to become a lot easier after news broke yesterday that trial runs were being scheduled in October on the Pink and Yellow monorail lines.

The 52.6 billion baht Pink Line is about 14% away from being finished while the 49 billion baht Yellow Line’s construction is 93% complete.

Commuters will be able to use the monorail trains sometime between January and March next year following Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob’s inspection of the lines’ development this week.

According to information published in 2016, transportation authorities predicted that each route will experience between 190,000 and 200,000 commuters in its first year of service.

The price of a ticket is predicted to range between 14 and 42 baht.

The contractor has so far supplied 28 out of 30 trains for the Yellow Line and 2 more are planned. The Pink Line has 26 trains ready to go out of the 42 needed.

The Pink Line has 30 stations and covers 34.5 kilometers, benefitting commuters living between Ram Intra and Khae Rai in Nonthaburi.

The Pink Line project is scheduled to take three years to complete between the stations of Si Rat and Muang Thong Thani,

The yellow line has 34 stations and covers 30.4 kilometers. It will cover areas between Ladprao and Samrong.

The government revealed it will discuss the possibility of waiving ticket fees for customers who switch routes with the operators of other public transportation systems.

SOURCE: Bangkok Bank


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