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Samui has become incredibly developed over the last decade and you could be forgiven for thinking that just about every last available bit of beach land has a hotel or a resort on it and that feeling of being on a paradise island with nothing but undeveloped land to look at is a thing of the past, especially on the North side of the island, but, the North of the island is keeping a few little secrets and there are pockets of beautiful beaches where Plai Leamthat desert island feeling can still be enjoyed. A perfect example of this is a lovely stretch of beach in Plai Laem. The water is very shallow, so although this beach is not the ideal place to go and have a swim, it is great for a long sunset walk, it is great for a remote picnic and it is a superb choice for families with small children. There is no telling how long this long stretch of prime beach land will stay untouched so why not take some time out of your busy life to enjoy it while it lasts. If you drive past Big Buddha heading towards Choeng Mon you will find a turning on your left in between a Family Mart and a 7-11. Go down this road past Pureshores resort and the Silver Bullet Bar. Over a small bridge the road splits into two either side of a large red building that is up for rent. Take the left fork and then take your first left down a little road that goes to nowhere other than the beach and has a small rental resort at the end of it. Park here, go down to the beach and turn right. This long stretch of beach will take you past the home of the Black Moon Party and is a little messy with litter in places but if you keep going you will find some amazing remote coves that are flanked by virgin jungle and offer super views of two little islands and the north shore of Koh Samui. There are no bars or restaurants here, so take a snack and some cold drinks and then sit back and relax and enjoy the sound of the lapping of the waves and the birds in the tress because these are the only sounds you will hear, well other than the odd plane going over. There is no road traffic noise, no electric wires, no hawkers just water, sand, the sunshine and three cute, but rather shy little puppies that have made this remote part of the north end of Samui their home.

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