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Plans to cut school hours across Thailand

Samui Times Editor



Plans to cut school hours across Thailand | Samui Times
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A new pilot scheme is afoot in Thailand to reduce the compulsory hours in primary and secondary schools from 1,200 to 840. The idea behind the scheme is to free up more time for extracurricular activities to better promote students learning capability.

Dapong Ratanasuwan, the Education Minister General, says that the change will be implemented in the second semester of this academic year in November. 3,500 children will be joining the program.

The new policy will see children finishing their day at 2pm instead of 3.30 this will give students and opportunity to take part in non-academic activities after school do their homework or just go home earlier. For those children whose parents are not able to pick them up at the new time, the option to stay at school will also be available. All of the students will be encouraged to take after school classes and enjoy activities such as arts, physical education and cooking, swimming and vocational education.

Pol Maj-General Charnthep Sesawej, the deputy metropolitan police chief said that the change of hours may require a change of law enforcement to prevent student violence which recently has become more serious with the use of weapons such as guns in Bangkok.

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