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A plea from the Dog and Cat rescue center

Samui Times Editor



A plea from the Dog and Cat rescue center | Samui Times
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In the name of all our dogs and cats I want to thank you for your support.

I’m seriously worried where to find enough donations for food and medical care in the next future.

The Baht is lower than ever; (besides, less tourists have come to Samui for Christmas) One month ago, the Baht was at about 45 Euros, now its 35 only. That means, for 100 Euros we only get 3500 Baht- instead of 4500 as before. This means a strong 25% less! As we collect nearly all our donations on our bank account in Germany we greatly depend on the Euro. This has led to enormous financial difficulties for us; for many days we have been thinking about where to save any more money.

Many last –minute bookers haven’t come as the exchange rate is so bad. A lot of Russians didn’t show up either- which is not so important for us, as only a very small number of Russians had come to our place. Unfortunately, for several years, lots of other tourists had felt bothered by the Russians and therefore gone elsewhere. These tourists couldn’t know that the number of Russians would be decreasing so immensely! Whatsoever, this does neither influence the bad exchange rate nor the fact that European tourists will stay away.

As we had to finance a lot of repair work and new buildings, our cash reserves are almost exhausted.

Nobody had expected the Baht to crash down by such a degree; and whenever we had a some thousand Euros’ reserve, we had to pay for repairing or constructing something everywhere in the shelter. It’s no use pondering about fixing less new benches for the dogs or pulling up two new large capacity dog huts. The gas narcotics machine we were able to buy after collecting a big sum of money caused considerable follow-up costs. Consequently surgery has become more expensive.

Anyway, one thing led to another and we certainly didn’t invite trouble, but now we are forced to increase our gains or cut our costs. Best would be to do both….

We can only try to pinch and scrape as much as possible!

As you know, we have got an extremely intense staff change rate. Two helpers went off and I haven’t replaced them yet. Two others were signed off by February 15. This, at least, cuts the personnel cost. As we have no money for repair, not to speak of new construction works, we must try to get through…anyhow. I do hope that my helpers won’t have the idea to stay at home for a day- five or six of them at a time! For New Year’s Day only FIVE showed up! But I feel they are a little afraid as I’m very serious with my cost-cutting measures. We must take care to leave less dry food in the single boxes. Very often the dogs toss the bowls over and the food is spoilt as it lands in the water drain. So the helpers will have to check more often where the bowls need a refill – and I will have the volunteers control them! Hopefully they will sneak around a little. .

April 1 will be our birthday: the DCRS will be 16 years old. Sad to say, there will be no party this year and I‘m not sure whether our helpers will show any understanding for our situation; this doesn’t matter, as we haven’t got the choice.

For the time being, we will have to stop our dog-placement program as well: with every shelter dog that flies, we pay on top. I’m so sorry for the dogs who will have to stay in the shelter forever, but we must first of all see how to pull through half-decently

Martina was able to place more than 80 dogs. I do not know where WE could have put these up, too! Placing the dogs is so important, as our shelter is overcrowded. The dog who hit the jackpot and was placed was given the unique chance for a new and happy life- a life ALL the dogs dream of: to have a master or a mistress to care for you and who you, on the other hand, could immensely love and be loyal to!

Jay and Linda will talk to the monks informing them that we can’t provide such a lot of dry food or food in tins any more. The monks are so nice and feed the dogs; in many temples, the monks are even willing to cook rice for mixing with the dry food. The dogs love the rice- and rice is even cheaper! Dogs living farther away from the usual feeding facilities must be supplied with food by Linda and Jay as before. We would be very much pleased if food sponsorships for these dogs and the temple dogs would be started.

Our last measure would be to reduce the daily number of six neutering and castrations, besides we could release more helpers. This as a last measure would be a very sad business, as it is just our special aim to neuter as many cats and dogs as possible. Emergency care in case of injuries and disease must be kept up, of course.

Dogs like Fatima need us: Please help us that we can be there for them in the future, too.

Our ramshackle old buses „wolf“ down an enormous lot of money for repair costs, and I haven’t got the faintest idea how to save money here. We need the buses for transport of food, volunteers and injured dogs and for picking up leftover food from the hotels. It’s only a small comfort that petrol is cheaper than ever.

Please help us with a small donation to make it through these hard times.

In the following countries we have a donation-account: Austria, Australia, Bergium, Denmark, Germany, UK, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Thailand and in the USA.

Of course you may donate as well via payPal. Just click on the button of the homepage

Finally we’ve got a surprise for you:
FlorenzKittel had his drone fly over our shelter and made a small film. Unfortunately – but luckily for our dogs- almost the whole ground (about 7500m²) is densely grown with trees and palm trees so that you won’t see a lot of the shelter. Anyway the film is super! Thanks so much to Florenz!

Many regards Brigitte and the Dog and Cat Rescue Team


Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation
Brigitte Gomm

112/35 Moo 6 Bophut/Chaweng

Samui 84320 Suratthani



Phone: 00 66 77 413 490

Mobile: 00 66 81 893 94 43



Facebook: Brigitte Gomm

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