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Please help a pitbull

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Please help a pitbull | Samui Times
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Hello, my name is Francoise and I live it the south of the island. I rescue/treat/help dogs and cats in need. I have at home now 13 dogs and 4 cats. I am writing this post because i need help with a dog.
He is a pitbull mix, neutered. He started to visit us a few months ago, crying at the other side of the fence, wanting to join my pack. He was looking like a skeleton, no hair and a ear infection due to a
wound. I’ve treated him with antibiotics, took care of the fleas and ticks, still treat his mange problem and started to feed him. First I let him in at the back of my house which is the cat and small dog area mostly. He seemed to be very well behaved. But after some time he started to run after my cats, not in a bad way, I think more to play but I did not want to take any risks. I’ve tried to take him in but my pack does not accept him, they attacked him a few times. So I thought that he could be my outside dog, I’ve been feeding him since then and the hair and kilos are coming on. He is still a young animal and obviously had a owner once! The thing is that he needs guidance, he is lost, barks around, does not know his power and I don’t think I could control him…but a very sweet soul
and listening good to me. I care for him and would like to find him an owner that cares, somebody that could be strict with him, he really needs it. I am afraid that someone will poison him if he stays around here and I don’t see any other solution to help him. My neighbors now have a pure breed pitbull and those two seem to hate each other! I had hoped until now that someone around here would fall in love with him like I do but I think a lot of people are afraid, he is quiet powerful….he would be the perfect dog for a man, he is playful, very sweet and a very good guardian and protector. Please share this message to as much possible people in Samui so we can find him a good forever home, thanks in advance, Francoise

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