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A plot, a pot of chili powder and a bungled attempt at stealing gold

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A plot, a pot of chili powder and a bungled attempt at stealing gold | Samui Times
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When Jennisa Jirawel, 35, found herself unemployed and desperate for money she decided to solve her financial problems with a pot of chili powder from the local market and a fiendish plan steel gold from a local gold shop in her home town in Potharam municipality in Ratchaburi.

The rather ill thought out plan took place at the Sukanya gold shop in the busy fresh market on Monday afternoon. The owner of the gold shop Napassorn Thanakhumkitti told reporters that Jennisa came into the shop and posed as a customer who wanted to buy two gold necklaces. She said she started to get suspicious when the woman took an unusually long time deliberating of the two baht weight gold necklaces and before she knew it the girl had splashed the chili powder into her eyes and had fled the shop with the gold

However, Mrs. Napassorn managed to shout out to bystanders despite having a terrible burning sensation in her eyes and vendors on the local market managed to apprehend the thief and detain her.

When the police arrived and arrested the girl she admitted to sealing the necklaces and explained that she wanted to sell the gold in order to pay off a sixty thousand baht dept to a loan shark. She also admitted that she chose the shop as it only had one staff member and that she had brought the chili from one of the stalls in the market close to the gold shop.

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